Paint Corrections

For car enthusiasts, paint correction is quickly becoming one of the most popular detailing services out there. Paint correction treatment is way more intricate than a simple polish that only fills or hides imperfections. Paint correction actually removes any swirls, blemishes, or scratches on the paintwork to create a mirror-like shine. It involves delicately buffing away the fine topmost layer of clear coat on a vehicle’s paintwork, leaving it flawless.

Paint correction requires the precision and knowledge of a highly-skilled detailer, and the results can be stunning. Some detailers refer to the craft as “paint refinement”, because the vehicle’s paintwork can end up looking even better than when it came off the factory line.

S.O. Auto Spa’s process begins with a full wash, decontamination and clay bar of the entire vehicle. We then determine if the vehicle needs a wet sanding before performing a multi-step polishing from cutting the imperfections followed with a polish of each panel.