CarPro Ceramic Coating

CQUARTZ Professional

Designed for enhanced protection of clear coat painted surfaces as well as plastic components.

Improving on one of our flagships is both a true passion project and an endeavour that demands great care. After all we are altering a formula trusted by some of the best installers worldwide. It was their input however, that led us to significantly enhancing CQPRO’s ability to endure salty environments and harsh winters, greatly increasing its durability compared to the previous formula. With a low viscosity and environmentally friendly solvent, CQUARTZ Professional is an enhanced fast-curing version of the coating already loved by the best professionals. Hydrophobic and oleophobic properties are excellent, providing resistance to oils, water, silicones, acids, alkyls and salts.

CQUARTZ Leather 2.0

The new formula is water-based and therefore safe to use on all types of leather, including Nappa leather. The new Leather 2.0 only improves on the renown hydrophobic and self-cleaning properties, as well as resistance to UV, denim dye coloring, abrasion and stains.


Utilizing polysiloxane technology merged with a water based acrylic resin to create an incredibly durable and stunning satin-like appearance for tyres, rubber, and unpainted resin materials.

The coating is far more durable than traditional tire dressings while its water base allows it to be very gentle on tyres with no sticky side effects of silicone based products. This unique formula also inhibits the deterioration of rubber and protects from UV rays. BlackOut even restores the depth, and luster of unpainted resin parts that have deteriorated over time.