Ceramic Coating

What is ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating also known as nano-coating is a protective coating that is applied to your vehicle. It can be applied to the exterior as well as the interior. It can be applied to all vehicles including motorcycles, ATVs and off road vehicles and marine vessels.

Can ceramic coating be removed?

Ceramic coating is basically a strong top coating. The only way to properly remove the coating is by abrasion. Meaning, either buffing it out or wet sanding. There have been some other methods or chemicals used to remove the coatings but it is not as effective and it can damage the paint while in the process of removing. So, the best way to remove ceramic or nano coating is to buff or wet sand.

What are the benefits of ceramic coating? 

Being that ceramic coating is a strong top coat for your car it protects your car’s paint and protects it against the following:

  • Sunlight
  • Bugs
  • Some Scratches
  • Sap
  • It is snow and ice resistant
  • Hard water etching

There are different coatings that will last longer than others. We have coating options that can last either 1, 3 and 5 year with warranties.

Ceramic coating also helps ease cleaning your vehicle as it’s easier to maintain.

What can ceramic coating be applied to?

Ceramic coating can be applied to pretty much any surface.  It can be applied to the exterior and the interior.

S.O. Auto Spa’s Ceramic Coating process includes:

  • Ceramic Coating
  • Full Paint Corrections is required with every coating
  • A UV coating applied to painted surfaces, glass, wheels, trim, and tires
  • We Offer a 1 Year, 3 Year, and 5 Year warranty on the coating
  • A 6 Month check up is required with each vehicle that is coated for inspection with a maintenance cleaning
  • We are also able to Coat Leather and cloth interior to prevent staining, dye transferring, and or UV damaged (great for lighter interior or a family vehicle)
  • A Full detail is included with each vehicle coating